Hefrings-Pride Legend


                   WELCOME ON THIS SITE.


I am Silvana van Dongen and I live in Oosterhout in the Netherlands. In 2008 I went to live on my own, but a long time before that I already knew that there would be a dog in my home.


My first bullmastiff Bruce was a great dog, but unfortunately he died far too young.

Bruce was my buddy, my everything, losing him was one of the most difficult time in my life.


I have heard people say: once a bullmastiff, always a bullmastiff, I can tell you that’s true.

Although nothing or nobody could ever replace Bruce, I missed something in my life.


On Augustus 30th 2012 out of a litter of 9 pups at the Hefrings-Pride kennel there was born one malebullmastiff

His pedigree name is Hefrings-Pride Legend, but we call him Mojo.

His mother is Lord of Bulls Young@Heart and his father is Bullstock’s Rocky Mountain Man.


I am going to take some courses with him and I hope he gets a succesfull showcareer, but most of all I hope I can enjoy his presence for a long time in a good health.

I hope you enjoy this site, you can give a reaction at the guestbook on the contact page.


Kind regards Silvana